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Why do I need to clean solar installations?

Being outside, solar panels are exposed to the weather and other agents that can negatively affect the energy production performance of the whole solar installation. Stuff like dust, pollen, dirt, smog, pollution, spores, and excrements will build up on the surface of the solar panel over time, creating a layer. This layer obstruct the passage of light and solar cells do not receive the same amount of light, meaning the solar panel will now produce less energy. If not removed, this layer will keep growing up over time, and the energy produced will keep decreasing. This layer doesn’t only have a bad effect on the production of energy, but will also impact negatively the life span of the solar module.

If a solar installation is kept clean efficency won’t decrease and energy production will stay stable. Being clean, a solar installation is also easier to maintain, since dirt and humidity will no longer accumulate on sensible location on the solar modules.

To achive this you can choose our professional solar panel cleaning machines, both for roof solar installation and also for ground ones. Our professional cleaning equipment will keep your solar installation clean, without scratching its surface or using high pressure water. Even without chemical products you will obtain a perfect result, and thanks to it your solar installation will keep its efficency for all its life time.

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