Tested solar panel cleaning equipment

Our solar panel cleaning machines and equipment is tested and approved by Ksolara. Each machine must pass various and extensive test before going into production, helping our company keeping an high quality and durability standard.

1. Tested and proved cleaning machines

Our solar panel cleaning machines are tested many times with various tests and trials directly on the working environment before entering production by a patner company in Italy. Our equipment is always being tested and improved, as to keep the quality of our products at the maximum level possible.

2. Safe to use

Our cleaning equipment makes the job of cleaning solar panel cleaning installations on roof easier and safer than other more traditional methods.

3. Certified in the EU

Our solar panel cleaning equipment is certified in the EU, meaning it has the CE certification proving quality, safety and reliability.

4. High quality parts and components

Our products are made using high quality components and materials. Our brushes and mechanical components are made in Italy by specialists of the sector, keeping the quality level of our solar panel cleaning equipment very high.

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