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A solar panel cleaning machine is a device used to clean solar installations. Our cleaning systems can be used to clean ground and roof solar installations.

A dirty solar installations doesn’t produce the same amount of energy of a clean one. Cleaning a solar installation means bringing back its efficency, by removing the dirt layer that prevents sun rays to reach the photovoltaic cells, the efficency of the installation can be restored, and the profit maximized.

Using our solar panel cleaning machines makes the cleaning of any solar panel installation easy and effortless. You will be able to clean professionally, without wasting time or water, keeping the efficency of your company and of the solar installation as high as possible.

Hydrokinetic solar panel cleaning equipment tends to waste a lot of water and break due to the high pressures required to power the cleaning system. Instead we use water only to clean, and not to move other important parts of our cleaning machines, thus our solar panel cleaning equipment is simple and durable, it doesn’t waste water and it doesn’t require high pressures to operate.

If you are interested in the purchase of one or more of our products you can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, or you can write directly at our info email at

Yes, if you order one or more of our solar panel cleaning equipment we will ship your order to your place. To know more about that you can contact us using the form or our email

Yes, we do offer warranty, it last 1 year and it covers all the mechanical components of the solar panel cleaning machine you bought. After this period of time you can still order new spare parts and keep using the cleaning system you have.

Depending on the use case and conditions, the brushes alone can last on average 3 years of continuous use. In case you need to change the brushes in your solar panel cleaning machine you can order new spares by contacting us.

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