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What makes our solar panel cleaning equipment different

Ksolara was born from the idea of our experts in the cleaning and solar panel cleaning industry. Our team before Ksolara was looking for a solution to increase productivity and cleaning capacity, but no option in the market was good enough. Constant breakings, hard to use, expensive prices but cheap quality, these were some of the qualities that described the solar panel cleaning solution we found. After many trials with this kind of equipment, our team decided than it had enough, and then, by the experience and seek for perfection our first cleaning machine was born, and thus Ksolara saw light.

Now after year and years of experience and improvement in the solar panel cleaning machine sector we are proud to offer to the global market our professional cleaning products and machines, made to last and to clean efficiently without any compromise.


Professional solar panel cleaning equipment

Years of Ksolara
More than 20 years of experience in cleaning

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