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The best solar panel cleaning equipment

The best solar panel cleaning equipment

We offer the best solar panel cleaning equipment, designed and built for a professional use.

Why choose Ksolara’s cleaning equipment?

Professional solar panel cleaning solutions

  • Clean your solar installation fast a easily

  • Clean with or without water

  • Low solar panel cleaning cost

  • Easy to maintain


Professional solar installation cleaning

“How to clean solar panels professionally?”

This is the question we decided to answer. Our response? The best solar panel cleaning equipment on the market.

What makes our cleaning machines the best in the market?

Ksolara offers you the best solar panel cleaning solutions able to clean every solar installation.

Fast and professional cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning brushes are tailor made for cleaning fast without sacrifices in terms of quality

Dry cleaning

Our solar panel cleaning equipment can perform dry cleaning on your photovoltaics and solar panels

Low cleaning cost

Our solar panel cleaning system use low water, reducing the cost of cleaning solar installations

Easy maintanance and long lasting

Our solar panel cleaning machines are sturdy and durable for many years of continuous use

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Solar panel cleaning machines

Ksolara’s team is always ready to help you and assist you with your solar panel cleaning equipment.

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Clean everywhere

Clean any type of solar installation

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