The basic equipment for cleaning a solar installation

Best solar panel cleaning equipment – How to clean solar panels professionally

One of the most common question: which is the best solar panel cleaning equipment to use? When is time to clean your solar installation, you will face these questions. In order to have a successful result, there are some required materials and tools to be used. In this article we will discuss about them and what is their purpose.

Water source

To clean any solar installation you need water. Without it you will just remove the dust of solar panels without actually cleaning them. If you need water you need a water source, and where you get it is an important factor to consider. If you use tap water you won’t have to worry about anything, apart from some chemicals and residues that will affect the cleaning of the solar panels. In case your water source is a well or a ditch you will need a way to avoid dirt and debris in your water.

Water purification and cleaning system

After that, you can get water from different sources, meaning you will have to consider different types of “water”. In case you find yourself using something else besides tap water you need a way to clean the water before it gets onto the solar panels. If not you will left residues and dirt on it, rendering the cleaning process useless. In addition, is recommended to use a purification and filtering system. In this way you will remove both solid debris such as dust and small chunks of dirt. Therefore with a purification action, you will also remove all those chemicals that could deposit on the solar panels, making a tin layer on them that will affect energy production. Our KK2E and KK2S water pumps and water cleaning systems provide you with 2 paper filters and a resin container. Best solution for removing dirt, debris, salt and other chemicals.

Water pump

Most of the time, tap water pressure is not enough if you plan to clean a medium or big sized solar installation. In these cases you will need a water pump to have enough pressure to work with. Thanks to our solar panel cleaning equipment you will not need an high pressure. You are free to use just a small pump to get your job done. With this solution you will save money and water, because our solar panel cleaning machines do not require high pressures to operate with.


Sometimes you will be forced to use soap or chemicals that helps you remove certain types of residues from your solar panes. In such cases make sure to use the lowest amount of chemical product as possible, since it could harm the solar panel. If it is possible for you avoid using such products, instead use clean water to clean your solar farm. It will clean your solar panels without using any chemicals and you will avoid harming them with aggressive chemicals or acids.

PPE and safety equipment

When working in this enviroments you should always keep in mind that you need a way to protect yourself from the risks of this job. Always wear appropriate PPE and safety devices to avoid any injury or damange. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves to avoid getting shocked by electricity and to wear appropriate footwear in case to avoid any injuries to your feet. Eye wear is also important, since it helps you to protect from objects that could hit your eyes. When working in an high altitude environment make sure to wear all the necessary protection system to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Check your surrounding and start your job only if the environment is safe and has all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety during operation.

Cleaning device

Hand cleaning solar panels with a sponge isn’t the most efficient solar panel cleaning equipment. Especially if your solar installation is made up of more than a few solar panels. In this situation you need a way to automate the cleaning process. Thanks to solutions and devices such as our solar panel cleaning machines, you will be able to clean your solar installations in no time, with low effort and low water usage, meaning an increase in production of electricity and profit from your solar farm.

We offer multiple solar panel cleaning machines in different dimensions. From the smallest FK4 to the biggest FK3+ with its 4,1 meter of brushes’ length. There is no solar installation our solar panel cleaning machines can’t clean.

Intersolar Europe 2022

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