Solar panel cleaning equipment UK

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment UK

We are proud to announce a new partnership for the distribution of solar panel cleaning equipment UK.

Ksolara officially arrived in UK thanks to our new partner Solar Panel Cleaning Ltd, which is our new distributor of machines and accessories.

Therefore, our machines are now available to be purchased straight from them.

Multiple solutions for different cleaning, from ground to roof top, offering different machines with different powering and dimensions.

Machines are designed and built in Italy using premium and quality materials for ensuring the best experience and handling during the work.

The maintenance of solar installation is an important fact that is often under evaluated, but it can compromise the efficiency of photovoltaic panels if not well cared. A proper yearly professional wash will help the panels to give the maximum efficiency and to last longer.

The demand of cleaning solution is growing in UK, together with new solar farms, and the maintenance is following the rise.

If you are looking for a solar panel cleaning equipment UK, you can contact Solar Panel Cleaning Ltd and request a consultation for the best solar cleaning solution.

Actually we have distributors in Europe and in America, you can find their contacts in Our Distributors page. Our company is always open to have new distributors around the world, and we are always glad and pleased to work with new partners and make networks.

Wanna be a new distributor in your country? Visit our page and fill the form with your request. You will be contacted by one of us that will provide all the information for the distribution.

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