Combustion water pump

Water Pump with Hose Reel & Filter “KK4-S”

  • Combustion type engine

  • Integrated hose reel with 50 meters length of high pressure tube

  • Integrated filter

  • Integrated hose reel

A portable water pump with combustion engine type or electric plug-in engine type installed on a metal cart with wheels to be able to be easily moved. This configuration includes the standard 50 meters length of high pressure tube and a filter to purify tap water. The length of the high pressure tube can be custom made and can be longer than the standard 50 meters. Essential equipment to boost water pressure in areas where the pressure of the water is very low, especially when a rooftop washing has to be performed as every 10 meter of height 1 bar is lost, and the same is applied for the tube: every 10 meter of tube 1 bar of pressure is lost.. The filter is capable to receive 25/30 litre per minute.