cleaning solar panels on roof

Cleaning solar panels on roof

How to clean solar panels on roof

Cleaning solar panels on roof may be a big challenge. It can be easy as it can be a nightmare, especially when a proper solar cleaning equipment is used. We always face different types of installations, different types of roofs and different types of solar panels.

If you do not want to spend ages on cleaning the solar installations you have to use proper tools and equipment, and don’t forget the efficiency, as the result is important.

In this article we want to make a quick tour and introduction to the best solar panel cleaning machines for roof top installations. Let’s see some features and specifications, it is important to know the purpose of the cleaning machine for purchasing the right product.

Compact cleaning FK4 model


Small machine for big works. FK4 model is the entry level and it is a multipurpose cleaning equipment for cleaning solar panels on roof. Multipurpose because can be used both for roof cleaning and ground mount cleaning. We offer two additional options for this: wheels kit and telescopic pole. The wheels kit is designed for the roof cleaning. The pole instead, can be used for both kind of cleaning. It can be extended up to 5,5 meters and it is made entirely in aluminum. The FK4 is made with high quality materials like stainless steel for the frame and aluminum for the shell. Great handling and great lightness, the weight is only 9,5 kg. In terms of cleaning, is able to clean an average of 440 square meter in an hour. Equipped with a Kawasaki 2 strokes engine, an engine that works with a mix of 2% oil-fuel. Capable to run for around 75 minutes with only half liter of fuel. It is recommended for those who want to start a solar panel cleaning business, and they can cover 70% of the cleaning work.

Roof top cleaning FK1 model


The FK1 model is probably the most sold machine for cleaning solar panels on roof. Unlike the FK4 model, this one is designed to be working only on roofs. Same materials used as per the FK4 and for all other cleaning machines: stainless steel and aluminum. Powered with an Honda 4 strokes engine, an average of runtime of 60 to 70 minutes with half liter of pure petrol. Lightness is a big matter for us, as it facilitate the use and the handling of the operators. This one comes with 28 kg, which is a very low weight for roof top cleaning machines. Very quick and efficient cleaning. We are talking about an average of 90 square meters per hour. With the FK1 and the FK4 model together, you can cover 100% of the cleaning work, both fro roof tops and ground mount installations.

Roof top cleaning FK1-E model


Same as the FK1 model but… electric. This machine basically has the same features of the FK1 machine but is powered by an electric engine. Is not the only difference. The weight is higher due to the additional pack of battery. Here we have 32 kg, not much more but it’s heavier than the FK1. FK1-E can clean again the same capacity of 900 square meters per hour in average. The runtime of the electric engine is around 3 hours, and it takes 1/2 hours to fully recharge the batteries. We always recommend to purchase an additional pack of battery to keep the work ongoing.

Roof top cleaning FK1 Junior model


One more small machine but bigger. Miniature of the FK1 model. Same features but reduced. Weight of this model is 22 kg as it is shorter than the FK1. Therefore the numbers are smaller. Cleaning capacity per hour: 450 square meters. All the rest is similar as the engine is the same. If you are looking for a specific roof cleaning machine compact and light, this one is for you.

Cleaning solar panels on roof

Above mentioned machines are the actual tools for cleaning solar panels on roof. All products are equipped with scratch proof brushes in nylon 66. The machines are able to work with a low pressure, the minimum is 3/4 bars. Low water consumption and possibility to go  with dry cleaning. Additionally, we always offer the possibility of custom modifications.

If you are looking for a solar panel cleaning machine to wash installations on roofs, contact us for a free consultation.

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