Electric pump, filtering and hose reel unit

KK4 Electric Water Cleaning Pumping unit with Integrated Hose Reel

  • Ideal for you solar panel cleaning needs

  • High flow rate electric water pump: 10 l/min

  • Easy to transport and use

  • Integrated hose reel

Our latest water pump products, the KK4, is a must for all professional solar panel cleaners. Thanks to its integrated hose reel it is a all-in-one unit ready to be used everywhere and for every task. The water filtering and softening components of the unit guarantee that you will receive as an output clean water ready to be used for cleaning any solar installation without leaving a stain on it. The hose reel is a convenient addition that solar panel cleaners can’t say no to, instead of having a separate hose you have to carry around you can have our KK4, a complete products for any task.